Death of a Salesman: a Different Perspective Essay

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Death of a Salesman: A Different Perspective
Jeanne Gordon
Shawnee State University
IDST Civilization and Literature
November 21, 2011

In Death of a Salesman, a play written by Arthur Miller, Willie Loman is a salesman! In the introduction of the play, we can see exactly how Miller feels about a person being a salesman by the reply he made to a comment and said " he sells what a salesman has to sell, himself. As Charley insists , the only thing you got in this world is what you can sell. As a salesman he has got to get by on a smile and a shoeshine. He has to charm. He is a performer, a confidence man who must never lack confidence. His error is to confuse the role he plays with the person he wishes to be" (as cited in Death
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People with dementia ultimately will exhibit memory loss. Poor short term memory recall is a symptom of Alzheimer's Dementia. The long term memory recall usually remains intact for a longer period than does short term memory recall. Willie exhibits episodes of memory loss frequently, but the first example of this occurs when Willie returns from his trip in the beginning of the play and forgets that he was driving the Studebaker but believed himself to have driven his past 1928 Chevy. Rapid mood swings are common in people with dementia. Willie exhibits frequent mood swings throughout the play. He will be happy one minute and be in tears the next. He frequently contradicts himself by joyously reliving his past memories of him and Biff, and then almost immediately be in tears or become furious, as he realizes Biff is not the man he had envisioned him becoming. Another example of Willie having extreme mood swings is him being tender with Linda then switching to yelling at her as he did in the scene in which he and Biff were talking about the amount of money to ask Bill Oliver for, and when Linda interrupts him he yells at her, and Biff asks why he is always yelling at her.

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