Essay about Death Of A Salesman By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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In “Death of a Salesman “ by Arthur Miller and “ The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald we have presented to the tragedy of ruined idealism. How Willy Loman 's and Jay Gatsby 's dreams crushed because of their tremendous desire to be meaningful and significant. However, their social status, lineage, and ability to accept the reality were incompatible with their dreams. Miller provides the facts that capitalism will not give a chance to ordinary people to get an American dream, and contrary Fitzgerald designates that achievement of an American dream will do not bring the happiness. Fitzgerald 's main character is romantic and believes in the American dream, he continues to reach for purity, lives with the memory of his love for Daisy. He is engaged in dirty business to get his success; he feels by gaining wealth he will be equal to wealthy people. However, he can 't get full happiness because his idealism fell apart, his love Daisy is indifferent and her voice – is the rustle of money. In the sense of irrelevance Gatsby is standing on the sidelines in his party. Kimberly Hearn in her journal article « Fitzgerald Rendering of a dream» asserted that "the American dream is beautiful yet grotesquely flawed and distorted. No matter what idyllic picture we paint of America and all of its promises, underneath the brightest of hues lies the stark white canvas of truth: No one is equal, and regardless of opportunities, someone is always struggling…

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