Death Of A Salesman By Arthur Miller Essay

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People like to win: Since the beginning of human existence, winning holds the center of many, if not all people 's, lives. People like to win games and raffles, the attention of others, or win life as a whole. The drive to win empowers a society. In Arthur Miller 's play Death of a Salesman, Miller writes about how some people cannot win at all in by having Willy not understand success. Willy’s misconception of success is imposed upon his son, Biff, which in turn caused him to live a life of failure due to the negative role model he had as a child. Willy reveres his brother Ben and learns an unscrupulous version of success.
Willy believes obtaining results, no matter the method, defines success which provides Biff with a faulty sense of reality. Willy lacks the understanding that working arduously will lead to prosperity shown by him going to his boss to ask for a raise. “WILLY (stopping him): I’m talking about your father! There were promises made across this desk! You mustn’t tell me you’ve got people to see — I put thirty-four years into this firm...” (Miller 53) He thinks he is entitled to the raise because he knew his father. He tried to bring in the fact that he was a good salesman by saying, “in 1928 I had a big year. I averaged a hundred and seventy dollars a week in commissions” (82). However, that was a lie, so Willy was hoping to be successful by lying and knowing his boss 's father. Willy’s hamartia of an ineptitude of understanding success leads the Loman’s to…

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