Dead Men 's Path By Chinua Achebe Essay

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In the story “Dead Men’s Path,” Michael Obi is appointed headmaster to Ndume Central School which has always been known for its unprogressive ways. He had many great ideas for the school and this was an opportunity to put those ideas into practice. He did so though in a selfish, arrogant way and as a result he failed his objective. Michael would have most likely succeeded if he used diplomacy, and understood the moral issues with his operating methods by communicating with the locals. The author, Chinua Achebe, describes this story as a perfect example of why we should always listen to both sides of a story, if we have a desire to change something. Many young people, when they receive a promotion, they feel a great sense of accomplishment, excitement and want to take their ideas immediately into effect, especially after being appointed the new leader of a stagnant school in this case. Michael had a great educational background, and felt that he was always being foreshadowed by the older teachers who he felt had less education. Since he was the new headmaster of the Ndume Central School in Nigeria, he felt that the old methods of these other teachers we’re incompetent and had to be disintegrated. He wanted to modernize the method of teaching with higher education and with the help of his wife, Nancy, also improve the school grounds by planting gardens. One day, an older woman strolled right through one of his flower beds to an old path across the school and he decided to…

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