David Milton Freidman 's Speech By Posing Two Questions Essay

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Professor Milton Freidman begins his speech by posing two questions. Is America the land of opportunity where people from many backgrounds can live and work cooperatively together to pursue their own interests while maintaining their separate values? Or on the other hand, Is America no longer a land of individual promise, but a land of “growing bureaucracy and diminishing freedom”? Is it turning into a land of ethic separation vice a land of a melting pot? His lecture focuses on the achievements of the United States and the issues that he views America faces. Friedman speaks on how bad laws make unlawful activities socially worthwhile, and therefore creates situations where breaking the law is sometimes better for society at large. Americans are more apt to obey good laws that benefit them and overlook the ones that do not benefit them. Profiting from illegal acts sends a message to society that it is acceptable that laws are broken. Freidman’s lecture focuses on work ethic. He believes illegal immigrants have better work ethics due to the fact they have a greater desire to work hard to provide a better life for their family. They do not qualify for welfare and all other benefits afforded to legal residents, therefore they take the less desirable jobs that legal residents refuse to work, thus providing their employers with hard working and motivated workers they cannot find. Freidman states that the society achieves more when its workforce is “free to pursue…

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