Essay on David Buechner 's Life Altering Surgery

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David Buechner, one of the most talented pianists of all time had undergone a life altering surgery to change his sex from a male to a female. His new name that he lives by now is Sara Davis Buechner. He has stated since at the age of five years old, he wished to look and grow up to be just like his mother, although he was aware that he was a boy. He played the gender role as a male for over thirty some years that a lot of his family and friends were shocked when he came out of the closet. They had a hard time believing in the news because they knew him as the type of guy that had so many pretty women by his side for many years and was once married to a woman before. David said that he had always felt like a lady stuck in a man’s body. He decided one day that he would no longer live his life as a man, but actually start living as a woman. He started taking the different hormones to help him on his journey to becoming a woman and finally had the sex surgery done to complete his transition. It seems as if he is now happier than he ever was, but this decision had detrimentally impacted his lifelong career, his relationships with his friends and family members. Some people would not accept him as Sara Davis Buechner and would always see him as David Buechner, because they may feel like he is either going through midlife-crisis or is just another freak. Sara Davis Burchner story was a bit sad overall. I know he just wanted everyone to accept him as a woman, but not everyone…

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