Darwin 's Views On Evolution Of Creationism Essay

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Darwin in the Classroom In November of 1859, Charles Darwin published what is considered to be the foundation of evolutionary biology, On The Origin Of Species. Suggesting that the entire world was based on natural selection, Darwin is responsible for one of the first conservative movements that is still very much alive today. From the well known Scopes Monkey Trials to the current passing of the so called “Monkey Bill”—which allows the teaching of creationism in public schools across Tennessee—the anti-evolution crusade continues to affect the children of the United States. If teaching evolution causes such an uproar, why should it still be considered? Despite the existence of religious contradictions, on the whole, children who learn about evolution have enhanced opportunities for learning and becoming productive members of society. One of the largest arguments against teaching evolution in schools is that evolution is anti-God or simply offensive to religion. Religion is the most prominent reason for denying evolution in the United States. Specifically, religious conflicts and contradictions are the prime reason why children are not being educated to their fullest potential and told the whole story when it comes to scientific discoveries. However, professors DeWolf and Cooper state, “...it is unconstitutional to exclude a theory simply because it is incompatible with the religious or anti-religious beliefs of a dominant group,” in “Teaching About Evolution in the…

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