The Role Of Dark Romanticism In The Works Of Edgar Allen Poe

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Dark Romantics thrive on the use of horror and how it can scare people out of their minds and motivate their deepest nightmares. Edgar Allen Poe’s favorite thing to do was exactly that. Poe is one of the greatest dark romantic writers because he was able to successfully portray horror in his writing, the people of his time read his literature and genuinely felt scared. In all of Poe’s works most notably in “Fall of the House of Usher”, “Annabel Lee”, and “The Philosophy of Composition”, he highlights characteristics of dark romanticism to provoke terror in his readers.
Edgar Allen Poe had an outstanding appreciation for nature. He liked uncertainty and beauty of it. In “The Raven” Poe uses nature to create a background for the poem. In his
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In “The Philosophy of Composition” he says, “The death, then of a beautiful woman is unquestionably, the most poetical topic in the world” (Poe ). In the quote Poe talks about how the death of a beautiful woman, not just a beautiful woman, but her death is the most poetical thing in the world. Poe uses death in all of his stories, like most dark romantics he has a fascination with it. In “Fall of the House of Usher” Madeline and Roderick´s death is very dramatic, “with a low moaning cry, (she) fell heavily inward upon the person of her brother, and in her violent and now final death agonies, bore him to the floor a corpse, and a victim to the terrors he had anticipated”(Poe ?). Roderick and Madeline 's connection is used to achieve drama when they die. Madeline came back after everyone thought she had died, because she needed to die with Roderick. They are the last generation of Usher so there death is more significant because the family blood line is ending. In “Annabel lee” the narrator constantly morns Annabel and thinks about how much he misses her, “a wind blew out of a cloud, chilling my beautiful Annabel Lee; so that her highborn kingman came and bore her away from me, to shut her up in a sepulchre in this kingdom by the sea” (Poe ?). In the poem Annabel’s death tortures the narrator. He misses her uncontrollably, and everything reminds him of

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