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Mathematics learning performance and Mathematics learning difficulties in China

Ningning Zhao

Promotor: Prof. Dr. Martin Valcke
Co-promoter: Prof. Dr. Annemie Desoete

Proefschrift ingediend tot het behalen van de academische graad van Doctor in de Pedagogische Wetenschappen

This Ph.D research project was funded by
Ghent University BOF Research Grant (BOF07/DOS/056)

There is still a long and indistinct way and I will keep on going to explore the unknown.

- Qu Yuan (340-278 BC)
This dissertation would not have been possible unless so many persons contributed to it. The first person I should give my gratitude is Prof. dr. Cong Lixin in
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And, I want to express my sincerely acknowledgement to my co-promotor Prof. dr. Annemie Desoete. I am deeply grateful to her for the suggestions she gave me on the mathematics education. She is the expert in the mathematics learning difficulties who inducted me into the mysterium of research. When I meet my limitations in the specific problem, she gave me lots of professional suggestions to expand the possibility for the theory development. She is a person of high efficiency who completes her work ahead of schedule which is a model for me. I hope that one day I would become a splendid female professor as her.
In the past four years, the two promoters introduced many knowledgeable experts from or out of our faculty to me. It is a pleasure to thank those who made this dissertation possible. I owe my deepest gratitude to the three experts of my guidance committees, Prof. dr. Bernadette van Hout-Wolters, Prof. dr. Pol Ghesquière and Prof. dr. Eric Broekaert. I thank Prof. Bernadette van Hout-Wolters for the revision work

she did for me. I thank Prof. Pol Ghesquière for giving me lots of related references to expand my theoretical background. I thank Prof. Eric Broekaert for my logical structure of the research. I would like to thank the expert from our department - Mr.
JeanPierre Verhaeghe - who gave me many good suggestions in the data analysis which reveal his professional

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