Essay on D1 Business Environment

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British Airways stakeholders.
Those indivivals who have interest to BA operations are BA’s stakeholders, or any individuals whose action can affect BA’s operation can be stakeholders of British Airways.
Stake holder can be either internal or external.
Internal stakeholders: are those who are involved with business internally for example owners, shareholders, managers and employees.
External Stakeholders: are those who are involved in business externally for example customers, suppliers, local community and government.

Owner: Since BA is public Limited Company so it belongs to its share holders. More control goes to that individual who has big share in the company so share holder have a major influence in directing and managing
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Every action and feedback of the customers going to change the way and performance of the company. The more customers are happy the more money and prosperity going to come to BA, so every action of the customers have its considerable effect on the business. Happy customers mean good business and more profit distressed and unsatisfied customers mean that the company is not doing well it should reconsider about its operation and performance.
Suppliers: Can be external stakeholders who provide what the company needs for its routine operation. Suppliers play an impressive role in overall performance of BA operation by providing Planes on which passengers being carried to tissues which are being used to clean and wipe onboard. All of these materials are being supplied and procured by suppliers along with coordination and procurement of BA. As BA has saying that every year a total of £5.2 billion is purchased goods and services from its suppliers.
BA is determined to make a stronger relationship with its supplier as well as compromise with them on the payment and trade credit. The more time for trade credit is prolonged the more BA is convenient and determined to pay its supplier enough cash. As BA ‘s CEO said in the chartered institute of purchasing and supply in London “ Close

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