Cyber Crime : Advanced Cybercrime And Cyber Enabled Crime Essay

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Crime has always been part of an ever changing landscape and with the support of new technologies that are always being developed, implemented, and improved, crime has been able to take on a new, elusive face and attract a growing number of people to it on a daily basis, regardless of their status in society. Cybercrime and cyberterrorism, thanks to ever-developing technologies, help cybercriminals to evade the authorities and recruit new people from all over the world, and these same, growing technologies are also being executed to stop these criminals in the new cyber battlefield.
According to INTERPOL (2016, para. 1), there is not a single definition for cybercrime, and law enforcement will usually make a distinction between two types of Internet-related crime: advanced cybercrime and cyber-enabled crime. What is the difference? Per INTERPOL, “advanced cybercrimes [are] sophisticated attacks against computer hardware and software,” (para. 3), and cyber-enabled crime is where what are normally considered “traditional” crimes increase to a new level of complexity thanks to the Internet, like for example economic crimes, crimes against youth, and terrorism, (para. 3).
People from all walks of life are increasingly being drawn to cybercrimes for many reasons, whether it be due to money problems, the rush, the amount of money they could potentially make (or the “score”), because they grew up around crime, or any number of reasons. Said by Dr. Ronald Clarke (2004), a professor…

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