Current Environment : Trends And Challenges Essay example

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Current Environment - Trends and Challenges West Africa continues to suffer from the effects of poverty, unemployment, and government corruption. Additionally, the lingering effects of civil war and Ebola have created mass refugee flows and a fertile breeding ground for violent extremist organizations (VEO). Combined, this has forced West African states to focus internally, threatening the coherence of the African Union (AU) Non-Aggression and Common Defence Pact.
This combined with Nigeria’s civil unrest and external aggression creates great potential to further destabilize the region and threaten US national interests. Internally, Nigeria is on the verge of civil war given the government’s consolidation of power and subsequent oppression of the Muslim population in response to three of its northern states implementing Sharia law while petitioning to secede. In attempt to restore order, Konanga has deployed one division to the norht and incarcerated several members of the National Assembly risking alienation and further radicalization of the Muslim population. This causes concern for Niger as the event of civil war will likely spill over to its territory given close family ties and a porous border while simultaneously increasing Al Qaeda’s legitimacy within the region.
Externally, the impetus for Nigeria’s aggression centers on the need to secure additional energy resources and revenue to feed its populace and provide for its ever-expanding military. Furthermore,…

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