Current Climate Of Foreign Aid Essay

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Current Climate

Foreign aid has been a major aspect of international relations since the end of World War II, when allied countries gave money to Europe in order to rebuild after war ravaged the continent. The concept of aid has expanded since then to help those who are living in abject poverty, to assist in the development of infrastructure, and to help those living under the threat of perpetual war. The West has put an emphasis on providing foreign aid to those in need whether it is through celebrity campaigns, government initiatives, or charity groups. Humanitarian aid and health initiatives have done amazing things for the world, such as the eradication of smallpox, as well as the provision of emergency supplies after a national disaster. However, one source states that although governments have given over US$1 trillion in development-related aid, the desired goals of reducing poverty, improving infrastructure and maintaining economic conditions in the developing world have not come to fruition (Moyo, 2009). Instead, there has been a rise of corruption in government, the misallocation of funds leading to mismanaged projects, and the influence of private interests leading to the dependence of poorer nations.
With Canada providing more than $5.8 Billion in international spending in 2015 (CIDP, 2016), it has a vested interest in understanding where this money is going, and to make sure it is being used for progress, rather than lining the pockets of political leaders and…

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