Culture 's Intricate Meaning Of Culture Essay

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Culture’s Intricate Meaning
The definition of culture is more complex than the simple understanding people have. Culture is widely shared, manmade, and is transmitted from generation to generation (Paige (1990, 2002). Brislin analyzes culture’s impact on our everyday lives, and claims there is invisibility within culture. People may not recognize other cultures including their own. Additionally, people may be aware of cultures, but they are unconscious about how one word or gesture arises from their cultural identity. We have a general understanding of the physical concept of culture. However, we fail to acknowledge the immense underlying components found underneath culture.
Reading about the complexity of culture has changed my perspective on culture. Before attending Saint Mary’s, I rarely thought about my cultural identity. My hometown is predominately Hispanic. Therefore, it was “normal” to be surrounded by people who shared the same culture such as the first language. Once I arrived on campus, I thought more about my Hispanic culture. My physical detachment from my family and home, led me to think more about how I identified myself to others who did not know me or my culture. I realized how invisible I was to my own culture. After reading Kanter’s description of X and O’s, I reflected on how being an X (common) and an O (rare) affected my cultural identity. Throughout my life before college, I was an X. I never thought of what is was to be an O -to be a part of a…

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