Culture And Ethnicity Assignment

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Assignment 1, Task A

1a. What do the term of culture and ethnicity mean to you ?


For me culture means that a group of people shares language, values, ideas, beliefs and many more aspects. Culture is the outcome of the beliefs one group shares (Morris, 2000) and it grows not with the number of people which belong to the culture but rather with the shared beliefs and values. Many immigrants where coming to germany over the years and they contributed there knoweledge and values to the german culture. When new beliefs are accepted by the majority it eventually comes part of the culture over time and leads to a bigger culture diversity (Unesco, 2007).
Frictions can occur when one group tries to push one belief on the other group which I call clash of clans.
There are many diffrent kinds of culture like a national culture or a even a small family can have his own culture.
Then there are seen and unseen parts of a culture. A person who has never been to germany and plans a visit will firstly hear the language, sees how people are greeting each other, sees how they are dressed, sees what they are eating. These are all the 'visible ' parts of the culture he can easily spot. Unseen parts are the parts which he can 't see at first glance. It is really hard to understand the visible part
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Unfortunately in our culture being yourself is not a big deal. It 's all about the community which is definately important, but many people are forgetting about themselfs. The fear of being 'unnormal ' is so big that even when you have another perspective on a specific topic many people just agree to the majority. From my point of view the idea of beeing yourelf should be more considered when it comes to culture and especially health. When you feel autonomous about your actions then you are definately more motivated to pursue your dream which greatly contributes to a good health (Deci & Ryan,

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