Essay on Cultural Prejudice And Its Effect On Society

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Cesar Chavez said, “Preservation of one’s own culture does not require contempt or disrespect for other cultures.” In America today, people are not as accepting of other cultures as they should be. It is important to be accepting of other cultures because with the melting pot in America people are surrounded by others of different cultures everyday, and getting along with them is key to functioning better as a society. When considering cultural acceptance, there are many factors that contribute to people not being accepting in the first place. Dominant cultures are more likely to be accepted, different cultures usually have different morals, there are still cultural barriers today like race and ethnicity, and a person’s emotions can affect prejudice which in turn can affect that person’s acceptance of other cultures. Also, ethnocentrism can cause people to reject other cultures, and finally older and younger generations have different levels of acceptance. Cultural prejudice has been an ongoing issue in the world today, even to the extremes of the Holocaust and other genocides.
More dominant cultures have better chances of being socially accepted. When a society has more power, it looks more attractive to people, so that society can use its power to impose its culture on other societies (Lee). “ The assimilation of the norms and values of the dominant group leads to acceptance and to higher social prestige” (Feigenblatt 43). This theory is especially present in Western…

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