Cultural Importance Of Japanese Culture

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The Japanese culture

Japan well-known as the country that obviously has a unique cultural in the world. In fact, Japanese have been taught by generations that how good their culture is and something it is only they can understand or it can call ‘’nationalism’’.

The Japanese culture (customs and communication) is so involve, it is very importance to understand about their culture, their attitudes and some basic values before doing business in Japan. Owing to the Japanese culture, it is considered as a high-context culture even little signs go a long way. One of the most importance things that Japanese are highly valuable is ‘Respect’, in Japan, they are very care about respecting each other and being on time these two things are very matter to them and they also like to take their time making decisions.
In fact, the society in Japan is patriarchy; most of boys get a job and work outside while girls responsible to do house working.

From Japanese’s attitude toward
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Normally, the foreign companies, which never do business in Japan will enter the market trough a dealer. But from the notorious stories about doing business in Japan, foreign companies usually think that it is very hard to enter the Japanese market. Anyway, as proven by the very strong Japanese market share like Tiffany & Co., Chanel and BMW that the Japanese business culture is not to difficult to be success.

Nevertheless, Japanese business culture not even different from other countries in Asia but also from the US and Europe. In fact, perspectives of business culture in Japan that comes from the traditional Japanese sense are the steady long-term relationships, loyalty and trust to each other. Knowing these things can be benefit for the foreign companies to comprehend how to run and settle the companies effectively in

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