Cultural Diversity And Academic Success Essay

841 Words Aug 14th, 2016 4 Pages
Introduction Australian society is always changing, and with it, primary school classrooms are swiftly filling up with more and more culturally diverse students. Diversity in the classroom is expanding, so providing educators with the correct information, knowledge and strategies are essential in achieving cultural inclusiveness and acceptance, ultimately providing all students with a positive and successful curricula experience. This electronic resource was created for primary school educators to evoke awareness, identify, and to explain the negative impacts upon multicultural students suffering from implications caused by cultural diversity. Several points are emphasised regarding how cultural diversity impacts the curriculum experience and academic success of all multicultural students while identifying the negative repercussions of diversity such as discrimination, low self-esteem, and exclusion. Furthermore, this resource explains the importance of understanding and incorporating student’s ’virtual school bag’ and or cultural beliefs and experiences into the curriculum. Also, including references to the Australian national curriculum, as well as links to the Melbourne and Adelaide declarations. Classroom strategies and teacher resources are included to assist with Identifying issues related to diversity and to help achieve a positive and inclusive educational environment. After reading this brochure, it is anticipated that educators should be able to more confidently…

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