Cultural And : Cultural Relativism Essay

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Since the late 19th century and 20th century, Anthropology has become a growing human science. It is the understanding of human experiences and social evolution that captivate the students of this science. As the field of Anthropology becomes increasingly studied, the tactics and methods of studying groups of people have changed to truly captivate their cultures. During the early 20th century, anthropologist Franz Boas created the term cultural relativity which was defined as, every culture and society must be understood on its own terms, not that of outsiders. This means that as an anthropologist, to truly study a society, immersing yourself with no biased thought and an open mind are the most important aspects. Cultural relativity is closely related to another key term, cultural relativism. This is the idea that we should not make judgments about other cultures even if it seems morally wrong. While this is probably the most difficult discipline to actively practice, cultural relativism allows for all sides of unique social differences, gives insight towards the reasoning for “strange” practices, and is essential to all anthropological studies.

Many people are too empathetic and unable to turn off the switch in their brain for right and wrong. The reason for this is that many of these people are so accustom to their own culture, what they distinguish as strange is only strange because it is not apart of their own culture. An example of a “strange” norm includes many…

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