Essay about Cubism Art Movement Throughout The 20th Century

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The Cubism art movement started around the 20th century. The very famous Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque started this movement. Most Cubism art is a two-dimensional style. Weird shapes, lines and angles are what makes up this style of art. As this art movement became more popular and popular, Cubism art was changing and developing into an art that was basically a collage. Cubism art gave artist and people who generally just loved art, a new way to depict real life objects. Cubism art wasn’t meant to be realistic, it just comes from artist putting pieces and fragments together to make one painting. Pablo Picasso painted the Self Portrait around the time this movement originated, he created the Self Portrait in 1901. Cubism art was a style of modern art, and it was the first of Abstract art. This was such an important time in age because photography was taking over paintings as the tool for documenting.

Pablo Picasso’s art accomplishments were hard to keep track of. He was known as one of the greatest and inspirational artist to take place in the 20th century. Pablo was born on October 25th in 1881. From a young age, he was always interested in growing to be an artist. According to his mother, one of his first words was “piz” which stands for pencil in Spanish. He was born in Spain and moved to Coruna when he was ten years of age. In 1875 Pablo’s seven year old sister died of diphtheria. Pablo and his family was devastated and they eventually then moved to Barcelona. Pablo…

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