Pablo Picasso's Women Plaiting Her Hair In 1906

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Pablo Picasso created his painting Women Plaiting Her Hair in 1906 using oil paint on a canvas. Just as the title suggest, the painting shows a women unclothed (naked) braiding her hair. The painting is currently being exhibited/ belongs to the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. The painting is of medium size (50 x 35 ¾’’/ 127 x 90.8 cm). Just looking at the painting the viewer can get a sense of feel of the women painted of the canvas. With the minimum use of different colors Picasso has truly created a master piece. The subtle colors create an image as it would look if seen by the naked eye in person. The background varies from different shades of a light blue color. The top portion of the painting has a very light blue color. You can see that Picasso has incorporated some white to bring more light to that section of the painting. He combines this same color around the body to capture the color of the body itself. The body is painted with a tan skin tone color. The hair is a brown color that also appears to be light brown emphasizing the light hitting the hair. The middle of the painting has a …show more content…
With such little color, Picasso has captured the women in her most intimate state. Since Picasso has captured the light from the background, he has created shadows and light on the parts of the body he really wants us, as the viewers to focus on. The women’s shy eyes are looking as if she doesn’t care that she is being captured in such way. Picasso captures a lot of light and shadow on her stomach and arms. The women appears to be of a slim figure. Her stomach is not flat nor are her arms skinny. I think Picasso did this to show that although the women is not highly attractive she is comfortable in her body and is not afraid to show it. It also depicts that Picasso finds the women attractive even with her curves since he decided to paint her in her most intimate

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