Sexual Assault: A Cry For Help

Sexual Assault:
A Cry For Help

Sexual assault is a cry for help. There are people that walk this earth that has been sexually assaulted, and you wouldn 't even know it. Speak up America. Victims aren 't just women, no it extends to children and men. Victims keep silence because they are afraid of the outcome, and some that do speak out die because that didn 't obey orders. It 's time to speak up and out people. Sexual assault exist because it is important that people know the signs and the effects of sexual assault. Ms. Renee is a victim of this act. She was 19 years old when it happened. She was with some friends and enjoyed the weekend. Until one night she was asleep and she woke up to one of her friends boyfriend on top
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They ask themselves who can I trust? And who do I tell? Sexual assault does affect your relationship and sex life. For instance, you can 't trust no one so for sure, you won 't trust your spouse or significant other. You become angry, so angry to the point that when your spouse tries to be intimate, he or she strikes a nerve. They have all kinds of terrible nightmares and this leads into insomnia. They are emotionally disconnected with can become feeling empty. Flashbacks are common. Since the victim begin to hear and see things that aren 't there people would think that they are crazy but it 's just the effects after the assault. The therapies include stress inoculation therapy,prolonged exposure therapy, Cognitive processing therapy,eye movement desensitization reprocessing(EMDR),and supportive counseling. Stress inoculation rape therapy was developed to treat those with elevated fear and anxiety as well as specific avoidance behaviors meaning avoiding walking in the dark. Stress inoculation therapy has been shown to be successful in treating the symptoms of PTSD in rape …show more content…
In prolonged exposure therapy, victims are asked to repeatedly recount their rape as well as confront situations in real life that remind them of the rape.Victims also listen to tape-recorded sessions telling of the rape to increase exposure. Prolonged exposure, rape therapy has been found to treat PTSD as well as feelings of depression and guilt associated with the trauma. Cognitive processing rape therapy is designed to help people suffering from PTSD and depression. In this rape treatment, education, exposure and cognitive techniques are used. Victims are encouraged to identify parts of the trauma with "inadequately processed emotions" associated with them, known as "stuck points." Cognitive processing rape therapy has been shown to effectively treat PTSD, depression and guilt as well as other feelings associated with the rape. Eye movement desensitization reprocessing is a therapy specifically designed to address trauma survivors. EMDR involves exposure therapy alongside cognitive techniques. During an EMDR session, a rape victim recounts the sexual assault scene while focused on the movement of a physical object like the therapist 's finger. The external attention required is theorized to allow the reprocessing of the event. EMDR is a somewhat controversial treatment in that some

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