Cry For Help: Sexual Assault: A Cry For Help

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Sexual Assault:
A Cry For Help

Sexual assault is a cry for help. There are people that walk this earth that has been sexually assaulted, and you wouldn 't even know it. Speak up America. Victims aren 't just women, no it extends to children and men. Victims keep silence because they are afraid of the outcome, and some that do speak out die because that didn 't obey orders. It 's time to speak up and out people. Sexual assault exist because it is important that people know the signs and the effects of sexual assault. Ms. Renee is a victim of this act. She was 19 years old when it happened. She was with some friends and enjoyed the weekend. Until one night she was asleep and she woke up to one of her friends boyfriend on top her covering her mouth, violating her body. Not only was it just him, it was other men in there as well. Time went on quickly and before she knew it, it was over. The next morning she saw all of them and vowed to herself that would never speak of it again. And within that time she realized she was pregnant and that really hurt her. That was the painful reminder of that night, so she got rid of the unborn child. Ms. Renee got tired of the sleepless nights and terror from others when she sees them. So she decided to speak up and tell others about her story to warn others of her tragedy. This was so brave of her to actually speak up and say something. It took a lot of courage to do this. Victims range on to men, women, and children. 17.7 million American women have been victims of attempted or completed rape. About 3 percent of American men have experienced rape. 15 percent of sexual assault
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There 's more to the plate, there are 8 main types of rape. They are rape, forcible sodomy, forcible object penetration, marital rape, unwanted sexual touching, incest, child abuse, and any unwanted or coerced sexual

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