Cross Functional Relationships of Components to Criminal Justice System to Investigation

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Jadesola Adenikinju
Comm. 225 March, 26 2012
Professor Wells Kisura

My Way of Happiness

Since I was at the tender age of seven, I have always tried to make myself happy. Growing up in a divided broken family; forced me to believe that my father is a terrible killer and hates his children. Coming from this type of family that’s full of issues like sudden death, stagnation, infidelity, mental illness, and spiritual warfare made me very sad. I built self-esteem of worthlessness. My parents were so caught up in their bitter fights that they forgot my needs. I honestly think they just did not care and took out their resentment on me. When I realized my unaccepptance in my family I completely withdrew. I grasped doing
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My brother Edward is thirty-seven; my sister is thirty-five; my late brother would have been thirty and my little brother is twenty. All of my siblings are older than me except my little brother. My late brother and little brother each have a daughter, making me an aunt to two nieces whom are eleven and six. None of us are married. I am the baby-girl in the family. My mother has always been a working mother. Mom owned businesses (fashion stores) and worked part-time in convience stores like High’s and Rite-Aide. My mother’s bachelor degree was in Business Administration. Mom later became a loan officer and later a licensed Real-estate Mortgage Broker. My Father on the other hand has three degrees. One degree in International Business, a Master’s in International Business and finally an MBA in the same study. He worked as a GSA Officer. He did not spend time in the house at all he and my mother were always separated. My parents represented independent single gender roles, mother worked and only spent time with us when we all went to church or family outings like McDonald’s or Dunkin Donuts. Mummy grinded it in me that church was very important. Mummy forced us to complete our Holy Communion classes and make confessions. We were raised as Catholics but I was too young to appreciate it. I do not want my family to be like that. Foundation is important in family. Family is the proclamation of God. However, comparing law-enforcement and

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