Essay about Criminal Justice

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The Impact on Society of the Incarceration of the Non-Violent Criminal.

In this age of social media and advanced computer technology I find it to be an utter tragedy the amount of individual that are incarcerated for non-violent crimes. After all we have the knowledge and the resources to event a new cellar device almost every other month. We have drones to deliver package. Information can be sent at the speed of light from the United States to Europe. Yet in still we haven’t come up with a plan to address the issue of imprisoning non-violent crimes.
Wouldn’t our hard earn tax dollars be more useful in fighting the war on terrorism? After all isn’t America under attack every day? The threat of an attack on us happens not just
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What about the psychological impact of this has on the children? Not having their father in their lives is a huge issue. Once other children learn that their father is in jail how will they be treated? Let’s face facts children can be brutally honest and even gruel at times. They tease and speak harsh to one other without this information. So once this information is found out the children are sure to face an extreme amount of ridicule. Then there is the aspect of the children looking for someone to replace or become a father figure in their lives. In a great many instances this is how children get involved with gangs. Dad isn’t around so they get caught up in the gang involement looking for a role model.
The miss-trust of the criminal justice system has now been enacted within the family. After all don’t you believe that the family is saying that there is no way that he should have received such a large amount of time for possession of such a small amount of drugs? Of course they are. So the feeling of angry towards the police and the court system is now only felt by the incarcerated individual but also by the entire family.
Let’s talk about Mr. Noble who is now away from his family. He has lost his business and his job, for 2 joints. The American people are now charged with taking care of him. We pay for his cell, his medical needs and any other incidentals. He is locked away with violent criminals. And now has to adapt his mind set to think like

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