Essay on Criminal Justice

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Court System Paper
Jeffery Seigler
Donald Savell

The Court system in America is one of the best court system in the world and each of the states inside the United States has its own unique system that they operate under. Each state has state laws and rules that are unique to their state and jurisdiction. There are different levels of the court system with each level performing a specific job and duty under the Constitution of America. So in this paper I will discuss the different levels of the court system and the function that they do. I will also give an overview of a major criminal court proceeding and discuss the elements and components of the court system. I will also identify and describe the distinguished
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A Judicial waiver occurs when a juvenile court judge transfers a case from juvenile to adult court in order to deny the juvenile protection that juveniles jurisdiction provide ( The charges against the juvenile must be particularly egregious in nature in order for the case to be waived judicially or the there must be a long history of offense. The Appellant did in fact was charged with some dangerous and egregious crimes. Along with the stance the state of South Carolina is arguing that in the state of South Carolina a guilty plea constitutes a waiver of nonjurisdictional defect and claims of violation of constitutional rights citing (River v. Strickland 264 S.C 121, 124, 213, S.E. 2d 97, 98 (1975)) (s.c.u.s.). After careful reviewing the matter The State of South Carolina in the Supreme Court affirmed the rulings on the lower courts. The Courts stated that it has been long understood as the United States Supreme Court has stated that “A guilty plea represents a break in the chain of events which has proceeded it in the criminal process. When a criminal defendant has solemnly admitted in open court that he is in fact guilty of the offense with which he was charged, he may not thereafter raise independent claims relating to the deprivation of constitutional rights that occurred prior to the guilty plea, he may only attack the voluntary and intelligent character of the plea” (s.c.u.s.). The Courts also noted that it would have been unfair to

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