Criminal Justice System Essay example

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Criminal Justice System
November 15, 2014
Erica Veljic

Criminal Justice System
The criminal justice system has many parts that emphasize the importance of following and abiding the law. Crime is a large problem throughout the world and is attempted to be controlled by local and governmental officials. The parts of the criminal justice system are supposed to work as a “well-oiled machine” in receiving justice for crimes committed. Unfortunately it seems that although all agencies of the criminal justice system have the same goal, none work in sync to solidify criminal justice as a system.
According to The Free Dictionary Online (2014), crime is “a violation of a law in which there is injury to the public
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The judiciary branch is the court system and is responsible for making judgments on the guilt of an individual and pronouncing that decision. The executive branch includes a “power” given to individuals such as the president, a governor, or a mayor. Within the criminal justice system these individuals have the right to appoint judges and other heads including police chiefs and director of the department of corrections (Reichel, 2002).
Choice Theories
Several theories exist on why people commit crimes and how crime should be prevented and handled when it occurs. One of the most well-known theories is the rational choice theory. This theory holds that people (in general) act in their own self-interest and make knowledgeable decisions to commit a crime even after weighing the risks of punishment versus the rewards. Some other theories include social learning theory (individuals developing motivation to commit crime through association with peers) and biological theories (nutrition, brain chemistry, and evolution reward criminal behavior) (Cornish & Clarke, 2014).
Components and Processes of CJS
The major components of the criminal justice system include police, courts, and corrections; each with a goal of preventing and deterring crime through the apprehension, trying, and punishing of criminal offenders. The police department is a public agency that has the sole purpose of maintaining and enforcing the law through

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