Criminal Justice System And The Criminal Court System Essay

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The criminal justice system is a confused system and is one that is always changing because of updated laws. The criminal court secures five components; the judge, the prosecutor, defendant lawyer, the defendant and the juror. There are a few models inside the criminal court system that help depict the usefulness of how the courts work. Two of these models are the adversarial model and the second is the consensual model. The adversarial model is the most used known model. This is when the prosecutor and the defendant 's lawyer both speak before the judge and jury to show all evidence pertaining to the defendant. In a consensual model, is where the prosecutor and defendant 's lawyer hash out the charges against the defendant and agree on an appropriate punishment. (Steven E Barken), There are two other models inside the criminal court system that help portray the court 's usefulness. The due process model and the other crime control model, this solves the predicament confronted by the criminal courts to guarantee a person freedom and the need to protect the people. These two models comprise of testing crime and permitting the right justice to be conveyed. Due process method was intended to verify defendants had their rights ensured and that they had a reasonable opportunity to protect themselves in court. This model expect that defendant may be blameless of the crime of which they are being accused of and that their civil liberties are being protect. Interestingly, the…

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