Credit Card And Credit Cards Essay

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Many people in the world today have a credit card. People think credit cards is way of having what they want now. Credit cards can cause problems in the life of a person. Being irresponsible, credit score, and stress are three reasons why a person does not need to own a credit card. A problem many people have with credit cards is exceeding the credit card limit. When a person exceeds the limit on a card, the person will be charged fees. The credit card can be rejected at a store, if a person exceeds the card limit (Bell, par.33). Teens may have trouble managing a credit card and run the bill up on the card, causing them to be in debt (Gorman, 23). Many people think credit cards is just another bank account that has no limit. Many people with credit cards think they are living a dream lifestyle (Biberdorf, par.3-4). Credit card issuers now days will allow for a transaction to go through that will make a person exceed the limit. When the card company allows for the transaction to go through, then the card company applies an over-limit fee. The card holder will also have higher interest rates (Plunkett, 191). People should just pay cash instead of risk exceeding the limit on a card and have higher rates or go in debt.
A person who has a credit card, probably did not read the small print, when signing up for the credit card. People who has a credit card can have fees added on, and not know about the fees, because they did not read the small print when signing up to receive the…

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