Cosmetic Surgery Essay

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Why America is choosing to go under the knife
Surgery to alter one’s appearance is nothing new to the medical world, but was formerly reserved for the correction of a birth defects such as cleft palate or as a result of a surgery or accident such as a breast reconstruction after a mastectomy or skin grafts after a severe burn (Sexton), but in a rapid fire society with an intense focus on youth and beauty, one is left to wonder if cosmetic surgery is becoming necessary for the changing times. Cosmetic surgery is defined as the “‘maintenance, restoration, or enhancement of one’s physical appearance through surgical and medical techniques’” (Furnham & Levitas 1). These elected procedures range in a plethora of factors such as cost, time, and
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Constantly streaming are ads of body contouring, varicose vein removal, skin tightening heat/freeze treatments, as well as facial procedures. Even a quick flip in your local newspaper can show ads of women with huge smiles and tiny white bathing suits and below them are numbers of surgeons you can consult for your very own risk free informative session on how liposuction can save your summer. With so many ads popping up everywhere with friendly terms like body contouring rather than liposuction, or even better calling it sucking the fat from under your skin with a scalpel and a tube, much of the taboo of cosmetic surgery is fading away. It could be speculated that the publicity and frequency of cosmetic surgery ads make them as commonplace as Cheerios or your favorite sneakers, furthermore it leads to the possibility that rates of elected cosmetic procedures are growing because we are desensitizing future generations as well as current ones to the severity of the choice to undergo cosmetic surgery. In conjunction with the publicity the field is receiving from ads, once patients make the step toward their surgery, they see the payment options make cosmetic surgery much more “budget friendly” through the use of credit cards. These easy payment methods make cosmetic surgery no more concerning of an …show more content…
Their main focus lies in their life beyond this one. Cryonics is the process in which dead bodies are frozen quickly after death and maintained in that state with the hopes of being reanimated one day when the technology is available. Cryonics used to be reserved for cheesy exaggerated movies, but is now a growing field in post-life options. With the idea of being brought back to life after death emerging from fiction and making leaps toward reality, some are choosing cosmetic surgery as a means of investing in their next life. After all, who would want to enter another chance at life in the same ‘used up’ body of the last one? Though the field is not yet advanced enough to reanimate entire bodies, scientists have had success in bringing back single cells such as sperm and eggs from freezing states and even small clusters of cells such as embryos. When the technology is further developed many people will be eager to be reanimated and with that hope will come a desire of an appearance of youth and health which can possibly be achieved through cosmetic

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