Coral Reefs Are The Most Spectacular And Diverse Ecosystems On The Planet

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“Coral reefs are the most spectacular and diverse ecosystems on the planet. Complex and productive, coral reefs boast hundreds of thousands of species, many of which are undescribed by science. They are renowned for their beauty, biological diversity, and high productivity” (Hoegh-Guldburg 839). However, global warming and chemicals going into the ocean are causing coral to bleach, making their health questionable. The coral reefs are dying, causing fish to lose their natural habitats and wave action is becoming stronger. In order to correct the destruction created by globalization, researchers are creating coral nurseries and are replanting the coral, but the best option for the coral to survive is to put a stop to global warming. Accordingly, coral reefs have been shaping the ocean and the marine ecosystems for the past 200 million years. Scientists such as Charles Darwin have been researching and marveling over how enigmatic coral reefs are and how the ecosystems survive in waters with little to no nutrients. “Their high productivity within these otherwise unproductive waters makes coral reefs critical to the survival of tropical marine ecosystems” (839). These tranquil ecosystems house from 600,000 to 9 million different species and a third of the world 's fish spend some part of their life within the networks of coral reefs. Coral reefs also affect the globe’s fishing industry, because 10% of the fish come from coral reef habitats (Jacques 49). For these reasons, the…

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