Consumption Is A Dominant Force Essay

1003 Words May 5th, 2015 null Page

Image yourself in a world where you’re safe, the things you do at work are improving the future, you get time to spend with your family and relax, your bills are manageable, and things like the buses are free. If you thought a moment like this was unlikely, then you are much like the rest of the world.

We, as a society, have moved from basic needs based things into a beyond basic needs and then some society. “The idea of consumption is a dominant force in most of the world’s cultures, and for many humans this consumption is not simply the necessities, but the consumption and accumulation of as much as possible” (Michael Cruit, Pat Lauderdale,39) We need bigger homes or more homes, clothes that are designed for “the rich by the rich,” the best car, the best phone, etc. We don’t look at what is it doing to other worlds or how it is affecting us. In the beginning, it was just simple pleasantries that made life easy. A car for the average Joe, some stuff to help housewives get more accomplished, and with these changes it brought more and more things that were readily available. It was all about convenience.

While the Invitation to Globalogy book from Pat Lauderdale and Michael Cruit pointed out several things associated with consumerism and connected them well, I think it missed a good bit of what these things are really doing to the world. Consumerism is economically manifested in the chronic purchasing of new goods and services. Little attention is being…

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