Consumerism Speech - Preliminary Aos Essay

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How many times would you say you thought, “I need that bag, or those shoes” because everyone else has them? How many people do you speak to that know who you are as a person and not just the ‘things’ you like or the types of food you don’t eat. Is it possible that you could, unwillingly and unintentionally be superficial? Good morning everyone and welcome to the mindset of modern society, materialistic and consumer driven.

Today, the desirable consumerist lifestyle outweighs the instinct of compassion, which only proves my point that the inherent values of consumerism force you all; yes you, to be insensitive. The Australian poet Bruce Dawe wrote The Not-So-Good Earth during the Vietnam War, about these values influencing the response
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This particular line reflects how widespread superfluous consumption really is, like come on people, have we learnt nothing from the past? Another important thing to note is that, although the speaker complains of the humdrum nature of his life, he stays, revealing the strong hold that consumerism has on a person’s perspective and foreshadowing the function of society today. We were warned by Paterson, urged by Dawe and yet this steep incline of a greedy demeanour in society does not change. What do we have to hear to make us understand that this is a problem?

This materialistic mindset only amplifies the lack of depth, common in relationships and is catapulted by consumerist tools such as televisions, computers and mobile phones. During the 70’s, teenagers were becoming increasingly rebellious and relationships between parents and children were frequently becoming disjointed. Is it just a coincidence that this coincided with large advancements in technology? Bruce Dawe wrote an enlightening poem in this era about a possible reason for this distance and falsity in relationships called Televistas. It explored the exchange between a young couple, played out in front of a screen. Romantic language like “they fell in love” and “where each seeks the others eye” was subverted with mundanities like food names, advertising campaigns and “the David Nixon Show”. Consumerism is so prevalent in our lives that we find it virtually

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