Essay on Consumerism Of The United States Among Young People

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Consumerism in the United States among young people, specifically below thirty years, has been a subject of research by many scholars over the years. From a sociological standpoint, consumerism has been explored by some of the most renowned sociologists such as Thorstein Veblen and Bourdieu. These two sociologists sought to understand and explain consumer behavior during their lifetime and maintained that their sociological theories regarding consumerism were bound to persist in the future. Veblen is commonly known in the marketing and economics domains with his theory regarding the leisure class whereas Bourdieu’s concepts have been used widely in contemporary America in the explanation of consumer behavior among young people. Bourdieu’s concepts and theories accommodate the effect of technology on consumer behavior. This academic piece seeks to juxtapose the unique viewpoints of these sociology visionaries and use their ideas and concepts in explaining consumer behavior of the young generation in the United States. Veblen believed that the Gilded Age was comprised of a timeline when money and industry were used in vast quantities to generate immense wealth for the aristocracy. The aristocrats who amassed great fortunes during the Gilded Age engaged in philanthropy and through financing education such as libraries (Veblen 2005). However, Veblen noted that despite their relentless efforts to finance education through philanthropy, that era failed to produce any notable…

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