Consumerism Is All About Buying What You Want And Need Essay

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Consumerism is all about buying what you want and need. Having your needs is essential for survival. While your wants are simply what you think you need, but don’t really need. But what makes something a need or a want, and how can someone 's needs be different than someone else 's? It has to do with your social class or economic standing, how much money you make and how you live and spend it.
It 's pretty obvious that lower income people have very different needs and wants of those with higher income. The needs can differ from food or medicine to paying bills or taxes, but wants are harder to come by for these people. Having less income means your spending more on your needs than wants. However, these can be very similar for these people, food being a very good example. This doesn 't mean they cant get what they want, and can even make they 're wants more satisfying. From Stephanie Rosenbloom 's But will it make you happy "The idea that you need to go bigger to be happy is false" (Rosenbloom). Being of lower income these people cant necessarily go bigger or better, but they can still be happy. Instead of buying that sixty inch TV, you go to a concert or buy your children that toy they 've always wanted. Something that wasn 't maybe a huge ticket item, but it was something you or someone else still wanted. And as we all know, getting that thing you 've always wanted is one of the greatest feelings. Especially when your in this social class.
Opposite of the lower class we…

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