Confessional Mode in Poetry of Kamala Das Essay

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Confessional mode of writing has its virtual origin in the mid50s in America. It is hybrid mode of poetry which means objective, analytical or even clinical observation of incidents from one’s own life. Confessional poems are intensely personal and highly subjective. There is no ‘persona’ in the poems. ‘I’ in the poems is the poet and nobody else. The themes are nakedly embarrassing and focus too exclusively upon the pain, anguish and ugliness of life at the expense of its pleasure and beauty. Confessional poets did not follow any tradition nor respected any conventions. They wanted to be unique and not a part of the conventional social set up. This conflict with society leads them to
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She shares everything with her readers, good and bad, about her life with all the secrets that should not be openly expressed in her society. She chooses to confess everything by writing rather than going to a priest. She has to create a place for herself in a public world, in her home and even in her own bedroom. Kamala Das’s shocking confession about the theme of love has startled equally the critics and the laymen. Some of her confessions about various love episodes have shocked the readers. It is stranger because such kind of poetry is coming from a traditional Indian woman who is mostly considered to be shy, silent and introvert. Her search for independence in sex and other subjects is exceptional in the tradition of Indian writing in English whether written by women or men. Her confessional poetry is an attempt to end the war between passion and reason, flash and spirit, body and soul. Nostalgia for childhood is one of the characteristic qualities of confessional poetry. As confessional poet, Kamala Das has drawn vivid pictures of their childhood in her poems. She can be termed as child prodigy. She was barely six, when she started writing her poetry. She wrote tragic poems about her dolls that lost their heads and limbs. Each of her poems about her dolls made her cry. Failure in love as a theme is more powerful in the poems of confessional poets, than its consummation. She is unhappy about her marriage. She appeared to be

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