Conditioned Emotional Reactions : Albert B. Essay

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Conditioned Emotional Reactions
Albert B. was the only child that any experimenting has been done on so far. This child was so content that he never cried or whimpered. Albert was brought to the hospital environment at nine months old weighing twenty one pounds. His content up-bringing has made him a good candidate for some classical conditioning theories. His mom is wet nurse at Harriett Lane Home for Invalid Children. The definition for wet nurse is where a women was hired to breast feed and care for another woman’s child when she is unable to. When the experiment was put in play with the banging of a steel rebar three foot tall and suspended in air, Albert was eleven months and three days old. The Scientist’s, (John Watson; Rosalie Rayner) performed their usual testing to determine if he is calm. Then they proceeded with the classical conditioning to see if they can bring about fear. The first test was just with Albert. The initial outcome of this test was:
1. The white rat was presented to Albert and he began to reach for it with his left hand. Suddenly after a blunt blow to the steel rebar with a hammer right behind him, Albert shook and fell forward to the blanket he lays on and started to show fear.
2. This time Albert reached with his right hand for the rat and suddenly they repeated the blunt blow to the rebar with a hammer, he jumped suddenly and fell to the blanket and this time started to whimper.
3. This time when he fell forward he started to cry

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