Concepts in Non Profit Organizations Essay

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After many years of management in the profit sector of business I set my sights on the not for profit arena. With all the determination, commitment and leadership that I thought I had acquired throughout the years I ventured forth with high levels of confidence that ended abruptly when I began this course. I was thrown off track and almost derailed by the possibility that managing a not for profit organization could be any different than managing a multimillion dollar retail establishment. As the reading and assignments continued I faltered and fell into a state of doubt regarding my ability to master the management of such a complex entity with aspects that were so foreign to the thought process that had been instilled into soul of my …show more content…
The final step in the design process for both is to ensure that it all fits together and if it doesn’t rearrange what needs to be done to make it function properly. Large not for profits have a hierarchy of managerial levels or Line and Staff type of organizational structure. In large retail or for profit companies this is also true. Retail stores are usually set in this managerial hierarchy with the CEO or President at the top, Store Operation Managers, followed by the divisional department managers such as Merchandizing, Human Resources, Finance, and Information Technology. If we apply the terminology of not for profit positions we can compare them to Executive Director, Program Supervisors, Counselors, Resident Staff, and Social Workers to name just a few. Just as a not for profit agency must redesign their organizational structure and processes as the organization grows so does a for profit business in order to maintain success in obtaining their goals and objectives. The second key characteristic that can be proven to be similar in concept is that of each entity being a corporation that needs to generate monies to cover expenses and produces or provides a good or service that fulfills the needs of consumers with very little differences. A corporation is a unique entity that is separate and apart from

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