Computer Science And The Computer Essay

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IV. Computer A lot of people struggled with math problems and so the idea of computers was derived from the incentive of making math easier, to make counting easier. During World War II the U.S and Britain were fighting against Germany, and they wanted to deport the messages to plan their next attack.The first computers were used to break the enigma code. After years of trial and errors they finally broke the code and saved thousands of lives. It was a success and the computer was revolutionized. In The History of the Computer written by Elizabeth Raum, “the computer was evolved into a smaller version of the collases computer into the ENIMA which answered math problems in less than 30 seconds and without it, it took 12 long hours”(Raum 1). The computer changes in how people work together to solve problems faster, but the modern use of the computer was way more than just computing math problems. Computer science was the study to write new program languages making it easier to develop applications easier and faster and revolutionized. The computer today are more smaller, more powerful. There is a more widespread application of computers in phones,appliances,and cars. They are more mobile and hold more capacity. There are computers embedded everyday appliances. Enabling faster trading and brought on mobile applications we see on our phone. The evolution of the computers mostly in the creation of the internet has changed how we live. The first Apple computer was released in…

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