Computer Forensics And Its Impact On The Criminal Justice Field

1969 Words Nov 21st, 2016 8 Pages
Computer Forensics Investigator has been predicted to be one of the fastest and best paying jobs on the criminal justice field, this fairly new field that consists of anything from digital artifacts to network and databases analyzation. (criminaljusticedegreeschools). Computer forensic has become a major important factor in many cases dealing with computer crimes such as financial fraud, unauthorized intrusion, identity theft and homicides, drugs related crimes, or pornography. This field specializes in the practice of investigating computer and network media to discover hidden or deleted data what could be used for legal matters. In the past decade the use on the internet has changed the way the world works dramatically, with one out of every three people using internet for either personal or work related actives wars are not only fought in the battlefields anymore they are also experience on the cyber side; A computer could be just as a deadly weapon has a standard M-4 issue by the U.S military. While basic forensic methodologies remain the same, technology itself is rapidly changing and with it new fields are being born, the use on technology is no longer a choice in a must. We can’t no longer ignore the fact that our entire world revolves around a computer and with it new threats are emerging each and every day. We are constantly in touch in some type of way with a computerizes system so therefore we need to take the require means to protect ourselves or does vulnerable…

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