Competitive Analysis Microeconomic 365 Essay

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Current Market Conditions Competitive Analysis
Abelardo Garcia, Alexander Gamez, Andrew Sullivan, Doye Barksdale, Edward Tyson
July 31, 2014
Mr. Jerry Peck

Current Market Conditions Competitive Analysis
The thesis of this paper is that the current market conditions are very competitive for every type of field industry in cooperate America today. In this paper, I will discuss Ford’s new product called Siesta. Our team will help Ford Auto Maker to determine the release of the new electric two door car by analyzing Ford’s primary competitor the Smart Car, and with strategic planning surrounding pricing, innovation, labor and cost structure. Siesta will be a successful innovation product for Ford Auto Maker, considering the
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With the automotive business staying competitive will be a must. This means that we will want to look at maintaining healthy cost structures, as well as making sure we are keeping up with technological advancement within the industry. If not these opportunities will become future issues.
Technological Innovation Opportunities Opportunities with technological innovation are everywhere in our company. Learning how to construct the vehicles with very little effort saves money (Colander, 2013). Keeping up with the latest advances in assembly could cut time and maximize production. Making sure are vehicles have all the latest technologies available will keep are consumers happy as well.
The biggest issue that we will have to watch for with technology is how our competitors are applying it. Technological advances are still constantly happening in the automotive industry. We will have to watch our competitor’s technological advances to make sure that we are able to offer the same products for an equal or better price.
Cost Structure Maintaining a healthy cost structure will be another key component in assuring that we remain competitive. With technological advances our cost structure will see changes (Colander, 2013). As we bring in these new technologies we will have to adjust to make sure the cost structure maintains balance. A poor analysis of

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