Comparison Of Lawrence And Shirley Jackson The Rocking Horse Winner And The Lottery

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The short stories of D.H. Lawrence and Shirley Jackson The Rocking-horse Winner and the Lottery, are classic fictional work of American history. Lawrence and Jackson supply their literary work with symbols and themes to get their point across to there audience. The Rocking-horse winner is the tale of an unsatisfied mother whos greed cost her much, and The Lottery of a superstitious town. Both stories agree with their unexpected ending. The Lottery and The Rocking-horse winner may agree with their endings, the stories clash in the theme they tell. In the words of the Christian rapper Swoope “When you love money you will never have enough”. Reading the story I would consider that this family desperately desired to be wealthy. They attend extravagant parties, have servants, and considered themselves superior to everyone in the neighborhoods. They still often felt, as they never had enough money. In the beginning of the short stories Lawrence stated, “although they lived in style, there was always an anxiety in the house”. The theme that is drawn from the story is the family deep hunger to relevant in their community. Paul wanted to help his mother keep up with the Joneses, because she was blinded by greed. Lawrence conveys this theme to us by the relationship of the son and mother. Paul deeply want to earn is mothers love as when learn from the story that she believe that her children where push on her, which caused her to resent them. Lawrence shows us that for Paul to…

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