Comparing The Bacchae And The Metamorphoses Essay

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Throughout Greek literature, the gods dictate everything; from stirring a body of water to sink a ship to transforming people into inanimate objects and sometimes animals, the gods don’t feel the need to completely destroy their humans when their behavior is not up to par with the gods expectations. The use of transformations rather than destruction becomes particularly evident in The Bacchae and The Metamorphoses. In The Metamorphoses, there are several instances in the lives of the characters in which a disheartening, or even destructive, event takes place and the gods take the situation and turn it into something favorable. Likewise, The Bacchae focuses heavily on transformations, however, instead of the transformations creating something beneficial, the transformations in The Bacchae serve to prove a point to those who do not believe in Dionysus.
Throughout Ovid’s work, many transformations take place in the lives of many of the characters. These transformations prove that the gods could use unfortunate situations that humans had placed themselves in and make something commendable. The flood brought about many changes to the physical world, some of the most constant aspects of life were altered by Jove, the god of the sky, when he chooses to flood the earth. While reading about the flood, the power of the gods is represented in the imagery of the drastic changes that the flood brought to the earth. A man “row[s] where once he plowed the earth in rows, while yet another…

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