Comparing The Australian And Indonesian Economy Essays

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Comparison of the Australian and Indonesian economy

Intro: Australian economy. Australia is classified by the World Bank as a developed country because its gross domestic product was US$1015 billion in purchasing power parity terms in 2008. Its per capita income was US$37,250 per annum, ranking it 11th highest in the world in terms of per capita income. The main sectors of the Australian economy include agriculture, forestry, fishing, mining, manufacturing and service.
Indonesian economy. Indonesia is a much larger country than Australia with a population of 227m people in 2008. Indonesia is also much more densely populated than Australia with 125 people per square kilometre as opposed to Australia’s 3 people per square kilometre. Indonesia is classified as a developing economy because of its low level of per capita income of US$3590 in 2008 ranking it 147th in the world. Its economy is still largely reliant on agriculture and primary industry for income. However Indonesia has large reserves of petroleum like Australia, it exports this petroleum and as a result has a fairly large GDP of US$510.7 billion in PPP terms.

Relative Size of Economies
Population (2008)
21 million
Population Density (people per sq km)
Surface Area
7741 sq kms
1905 sq kms
GDP (PPP 2008)
US$1015 billion
US$510.7 billion
GDP per capita (2008)
GDP Growth (2007-8)
GDP Per Capita Growth (2007-8)

Comparison of Economic Growth
Economic growth…

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