Comparing Plato 's Republic And The Republic Essays

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Plato was a Greek philosopher who is best known for his work, "The Republic". In this work, Plato sets out to demonstrate what would make a just and perfect society. In Plato 's Republic (book V), Socrates claims that "the model of the just city cannot come into being until philosophers rule as kings or kings become philosophers (IEP/Plato). Plato 's ideal society is based on the concept of justice, namely, the natural division of labour. With the natural division of labour there are three different classes (corresponding to three different parts of the soul). These are producers, guardians, and rulers. The ruler is the philosopher "king" and has true knowledge of each craft and how it should be organized. he directs the city for the benefit of all the people. The guardians uphold his authority while the producers provide for themselves. The rulers (philosopher king) create just laws. The guardians carry out the orders of the rulers, and the producers are suppose to obey this authority. This is how Plato believed a just society can flourish. The main idea in Plato 's ideal society is that all the classes are to work together in harmony to create a just state. Plato 's ideal society would work if individuality were destroyed or considered irrelevant.

At a first glance, the idea of Plato 's ideal society appears simple and straightforward. That is because it is. However, this does not mean that it would work. I am going to discuss the…

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