Compare The Difference Between Booker T Washington And W. E. B Dubois

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Register to read the introduction… DuBois plan was called the “Talented Tenth”. The concept of the plan was to choose carefully 10% out of the African American race, particularly young men that was intelligent and well educated and have the government pay their way through college and set them up in political and high positions in society. So that the rest of the race can be encouraged by these young men...and strive to be just like them. And further leading them to have the mentality since they can do it, I can too. In Document E, DuBois states this: “Such men [the thinking class of American Negroes] feel in conscience bound to ask of this nation three things: 1.The right to vote; 2.Civic Equality; 3. The education of youth according to ability. By saying this DuBois wanted instant gratification, gratification that he was not going to see in his life time. He was not thinking reasonable and logical. He expected Caucasians that didn’t respect them at all, barely cared about African Americans, THOUGHT THEY WAS 3/5 HUMANS...expected them to step in and meet his demands on educating his race. They wouldn’t even allow a “nigger” to read during slavery, therefore they was not about to educate them. Let alone let them vote and allow them to have power by placing them in high political positions. He was naive and completely ridiculous with his demands. And on top of all of that he states in Document F: “ If we expect to gain our rights by nerveless acquiescence in wrong, then we expect to do what no other …show more content…
Washington on the other hand was thinking more realistically for his time. His plan consisted of African Americans sticking together, helping each other up the social and economic ladder in society. In Document D Booker T stated: “ ‘Cast down your bucket where you are.’ Cast it down among the eight million Negroes whose habits you know, whose fidelity and love you have tested in days when to have proved treacherous...” Here he is telling African Americans to stick together, be your brother support. Then later on he addresses the white people to cast their buckets on African Americans and trust them to work on their land to make money, to work in their factories, to do manual work period, what ever needs to be done let them do it. He was a smart man, you see, because he knew at this time that the power in this country was not going to allow his race to have control by being educated, and certainly not by being in political power. Therefore he devised a plan where African Americans learnt a skill. A skill that would get you money whether it is in carpentry, building, cleaning, black smithing, house keeping, etc. This was smart simply because doing this time manual labor was accepted by society for African Americans, and that’s what Booker T wanted. He wanted to live separately from them but live peacefully. And society would let them live peacefully as long as they don’t feel threatened.. That’s exactly how Booker T wanted it; he wanted to gain status slowly and

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