Compare And Contrast World War 1 And 2

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During the 20th century, the world changed a lot from the changes in technology and other modern advances. A lot has happened but there were two wars that created a huge amount of change in the world. These two wars define the amount of devastation wars can cause and hopefully we do not repeat another world war. World Wars I and II were defining wars not just because they included a majority of the world, but some gruesome events occurred. Nations demonstrated to what lengths they would go to conquer the other countries and some very evil and sadistic leaders did some horrifying things to many innocent civilians. For America, we had reasons for entering the war, innovations to technology, and race and gender equality. Now in America, the war wasn’t reality yet because of how many people who were against going to war. The First World War spanned over 4 years and the United States was in the war for only 19 months. The breaking point of declaring against the central power didn’t only start in retaliation for the sinking of the Lusitania, but also factors like Zimmerman telegraph, the resuming U-boat warfare from Germany, and the fall of the …show more content…
World War one had innovation such as tanks, machine guns, and chemical warfare. World War II took it up a notch and added a weapon so powerful that it can wipe out entire cities. World War I had many issues with race and gender as segregation was still occurring in platoons and women were not able to fight or really help in any major way. World War II is when the platoons were desegregated and women were asked to help treat wounded and cover men’s jobs while they were out in war. World War II ended up being a war that would improve the lives in America by helping us out of a depression and getting us back on our feet

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