Compare and Contrast Essay the Tell Tale Heart and the Black Cat

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In both the “The Tell Tale Heart”, and”The Black Cat”, the stories end with a death of a person. Some events in the murder are similar and different. In this paragraph, I will talk about the story, “The Tell Tale Heart”. In the beginning of the story, the narrator wants to kill an old man, who lives with him, because of his vulture eye. He decides that he will watch the old man at night and shine a light on his vulture eye. If he sees the eye he will kill the old man. In the first seven days, he does not see the vulture eye. But on the 8th night he makes a slight noise and wakes the old man up. After a little while he charges into the room, which then the old man screams, and the narrator kills the old man by …show more content…
In this paragraph, I will talk about three similarities in the stories, “The Tell Tale Heart”, and”The Black Cat”. The first similar event in both stories was when after the murder, both narrators hid the dead bodies in their house. Another similarity I noted was how police came to check up on both narrators after they had committed the murder. Another similarity I read is how both narrators show arrogance once the police come to their houses. In the story, “The Tell Tale Heart”, the narrator goes inside the old man’s chamber and puts his chair right on top of where he buried the old man in the floor boards. In “The Black Cat”, the narrator starts showing arrogance by showing the police how his house is well constructed. He then hits his cane on the part of the concrete wall where he put his dead wife. In this paragraph, I will talk about two differences in the stories, “The Tell Tale Heart”, and “The Black Cat”. The first difference is how they murder the person. In “The Tell Tale Heart”, the narrator killed the old man by throwing the bed on top of him, and further chopping up his body into bits in his tub. But in “The Black Cat”, the narrator first kills the cat by hanging him, and then kills his wife with an axe, because she got in the way. Another difference in both stories was where they put the dead body after they murdered it. In “The Tell Tale Heart”, the narrator hid the body under the floorboards of his

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