Compare And Contrast Egyptian And Mayan Civilization

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The Mayan Empire was a vast and marvaless empire within Mesoamerica. A population within the world that compares to it would be Egypt. These two locations share many similarities such as buildings, writing system, calendar system, and religion. These two places also share multiple differences that include geographic location, their form of religion, technology, and how their modern day societies turned out. To begin, Egypt and the Mayan Empire share a similarity in their building structures. Both societies built large cities that features housing, administration buildings, and religious structures. The most relevant structure would be the pyramid. Both civilizations used the structure of pyramids for their own aspects such as for burial and …show more content…
For starters, their places in the world are completely different. Egypt is located along the Nile River on the continent of Africa while the Mayan Empire was located in the southern part of Mexico and the northern part of Central America. The modern day society of both locations had to completely different outcomes. Egypt is still a thriving country that is constantly growing as a country. The Mayan Empire was crumbled when Cortes began his conquests. Religion was a factor that these two shared similar grounds, but differences lie between both. The Mayans believed the strength of human blood appeased the gods and gave rise to ritualized sacrifice. As for the Egyptians the pharaoh was of the highest authority who communicated with the gods and tried to help the people please them. This caused a difference because the Mayans didn’t have a priestly caste system. Lastly, technology was not as advanced back then than it is now but yet it was still around. Egyptians used metal tools in order for rapid and sturdy construction. The Mayans built amazing buildings with technique but yet they did not use metal tools in the process of

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