Community Policing Is Defined By Weisel And Eck Essay

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When it comes to community policing there has been a shift in the basic orientation of the everyday police activity. This shift has changed from fighting crime through arrests to fighting crime needs a broader set of interventions. Community policing is defined by Weisel and Eck in 1994 as “a diverse set of practices united by the general idea that the police and the public need to become better partners in order to control crime, disorder, and a host of other problems.” There is no single definition for community policing and many variations exist. Community policing requires the cooperation between the police and members of the community. These members of the community can be individual people, groups, businesses, etc. This style of policing has to have the citizens involved by identifying and solving all kinds of problems the community faces. Community policing challenges officers to identify the causes and contributions that are underlying to the crime and to seek out a solution to those problems. Crime is seen as a symptom here. Problem-oriented policing means approaching issues and problems based on the uniqueness of the situation. This can eliminate further criminal behavior by deterrent or incapacitative effects. The difference between community policing and problem-oriented policing is the reliance on the community in community policing. This however is not always true because some problem-oriented policies do need the involvement of the community. Hoover in 1992…

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