Essay Communism And Socialism Of Communism

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David Miranda
Mr. Lara
Honors Economics Period 2
19 February, 2016
Communism and Socialism
The origin of Communism can be found in 1844, when Karl Marx, a man from Germany who came from Jewish heritage, was introduced to Friedrich Engels. The two believed that capitalism was an evil economic philosophy in which the working-class were exploited by their class-heads (upper-class). In 1848, the two wrote and published a book entitled "The Communist Manifesto", in which they expressed such hatred for capitalism and released their plans for a perfect society (History and Background of Communism, 1). Which entailed private ownership be given up to the government, and that the state worked as a community (Comparing Economic Systems, 1). Where everyone worked for each other, and everyone received exactly what they need. In a sense, putting the good of the community above the needs of single person, as everyone gave up the property while the government equally gave everyone what they needed to survive. Shortly after the publication, mostly in the late-nineteenth century, of Marx and Engels manifesto, countries in Eastern Europe, Asia, and others alike attempted to adopt the ideals of communism. The well-known of these Countries was Russia, or at the time known as the U.S.S.R.. In 1917, as the Russian people grew tired of fighting a war in which their leaders were almost throwing them to death (Russia sustained the greatest casualties of any country), they decided to overthrow their…

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